New Playtime Program for Ages 3+

Introducing a brand new Playtime Program for Ages 3+ from Oxford University Press.


Playtime supports an all-round education for very young learners.

All-round fun…….
Playtime lets children have fun with English from the start! It helps children enjoy learning words, basic expressions, songs and chants with Monkey – a cuddly puppet who introduces all the stories and helps the teacher with flash cards! He only speaks English and really motivates the children to speak English.

All-round friends……..
Their friends in the stories are the child characters – Rocket, Star, Twig and Melody. Each of these characters represents a different learning style and each style is explored in Playtime.
Rocket – learns by doing, Melody learns by being creative, Twig learns by feeling and exploring and Star learns by listening and watching.

Playtime even has it’s own website with lots of fun downloadable content – including songs, games and activity sheets!
Contact us today for more information on this exciting new program and to organise a free trial lesson for you and your child.

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