Our School

A Well Balanced Curriculum

Balance is important to leading a happy and healthy life.
All of our students benefit from a well balanced English curriculum which is both educational and fun!
Our curriculum promotes active learning allowing children and young people to develop vital skills and knowledge and a positive attitude to learning.

English Programs For All

Our English programs are designed for students of all ages and English ability.
From singing ABC’s to delivering business presentations, our dedicated teachers will be there to guide you every step of the way whilst providing the necessary tools to help you achieve all of your English goals.

Creative Arts and Crafts Designed to Excite and Inspire Children

At Global English House we understand the importance of catering to a range of learner styles and have integrated Arts and Crafts time into all of our Children’s programs. Valentine’s Day, Halloween and Christmas are just a few of the holidays we celebrate each year by being extra creative in class!

Reading, Literacy and Your Child

A child’s reading skills are important to their success in school and work.
Reading and writing are important ways we use language to communicate.
We believe parents play a critical role in helping their children develop not only the ability to read, but also an enjoyment of reading.

Serving Our Local Community Since 1998
Building A Better World One Student At A Time